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KATO IMER provides continuous after-sales and technical-training assistance for all of theácompany's products, with actions aimed at maximising its own customer satisfaction, to createáclose and long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust, which is crucial to understanding andáfulfilling everyone's needs and expectations.


The main objective of the After-Sales Service is to ensure perfect operation and safety of theámachinery through the continuous pursuit of technological solutions and the improvementáof maintenance programs for the purpose of reducing costs and maintaining top machineáperformance.áKATO IMER's number one priority is to intervene quickly and effectively through its extensiveánetwork of Assistance Centres, it is always close to its Customers for every need with highlyáqualified on-site assistance.áKATO IMER periodically organises training courses for technicians and sales representatives, ináa dedicated room at its main headquarters.áThe training courses involve theory and practical lessons for each type of product and areáorganised into small groups of 10 people at most: new and historical dealers can thereforeáreceive on-going training and refresher courses for their technicians and sales representativesáon the entire range of KATO IMER products.

Spare parts

The efficient KATO IMER spare parts service provides its various partners with the spare partsárequired for KATO IMER machinery maintenance. Thanks to the excellent location of the spareáparts distribution centre, KATO IMER receives, stocks and distributes spare parts coming fromáthe various facilities of the group mainly spread over several continents. KATO IMER only offersáhigh quality original spare parts, guaranteeing high performance and long service life.áThe original filters are also supplied in kits according to machine model, at highly competitiveácosts maintaining the highest quality levels possible: this facilitates order and stock management.á

Original KATO IMER crawlers have particular, specific characteristics and are the guarantee ofávery high quality and duration, offering the customer a real competitive edge.á

All KATO IMER spare parts are assembled by KATO IMER-trained technicians and are covered byáwarranty to offer absolute assurance.

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