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3S means "Smart & Sustainable Skid" and is the mission of the Ihimer offer development for the next years. To the product reliability and quality is added, as a natural corollary, its integration into the socio-economic context in which it is called to work: mass dissemination of technology for a growing "man-machine" integration; need for substantial integration of the machines with the surrounding activities and communities (emissions reduction, economic and social sustainability). The 3S project will develop a response to this need in a modular way, not only meeting the emerging demand, but trying to guide and govern the future demand. This will be possible thanks to the collaboration with the University of Pisa, using the European Regional Development Fund under the Contract R&D2012 promoted by the Tuscany Region.


3S H2M is a very easy to use Skid. Intelligence at the service of human needs. Thanks to user recognition, the advanced joystick and the 3S display it perfectly fits the users' needs.

3S M2M, a network of Skids. An effective detection system incorporated into the Skid provides a real-time overview: user, geographic location, Skid system. All these data are thereby made accessible through a simple console locally or remotely. A dedicated software will synthesize data into information in order to provide maximum efficiency to the customer.


Optimization of energy and power generation and use, providing the user with the Skid maximum effectiveness in all working conditions. Using the hybrid technology to generate power, to have a powerful Skid using the auxiliary power unit in the best working condition, in order to reduce noise, pollution and energy consumption. The electric traction motor 3S will use energy in the best way to give the user maximum control increasing the Skid efficiency.

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