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Warranty Conditions

1. For the warranty to be valid, the client must fill out and return to IHIMER S.p.A. the warranty certificate enclosed with the user and maintenance booklet together with the invoice issued by the client to the end client. This must be done within 72 hours of the date of issue of the said invoice. Failure to do so renders the warranty void. The guarantee refers to repairs and/or replacements of parts acknowledged as having manufacturing defects. Full replacement is excluded.

2. The IHIMER S.p.A. warranty coverage of manufacturing, operational and material defects is valid for 12 (twelve) months starting from the date of delivery to the end client, unless otherwise stipulated. If the client intends to use the products for a hire service run by himself, the warranty will run from the date of delivery of the goods to the client by IHIMER S.p.A. Any faults or defects encountered must be immediately communicated to IHIMER S.p.A. in writing, with proofs of their existence, together with the warranty certificate, and in any case no later than 3 (three) days from the date of detection. For the provision of the warranty services, the client must keep the fiscal documentation attesting the scheduled maintenance operations, as indicated in the user and maintenance booklet supplied with the products.

3. Warranty services will be provided obligatorily at the premises of IHIMER S.p.A. or its authorised workshops, and cover replacement free of charge of defective parts.

4. Reshipping expenses will be borne by IHIMER S.p.A. where the terms of the warranty apply. If not, they will be borne by the client.

5. The warranty does not cover repairs for normal wear and tear, or for deterioration or accidents caused by negligence or any use of the products other than their intended use. In the same way, the warranty does not apply in case of improper work done by the client or user on the products delivered to him.

6. Repairs, modifications and replacement of parts during the warranty period do not extend the product warranty period. All other actions and claims under the warranty are excluded, particularly any claims for repairs following direct or indirect injury or damage to other products than those supplied, including reimbursement for any loss of profit.

7. With exclusion for personal injury, IHIMER S.p.A.'s liability, for all possible causes, is limited to an amount which, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, shall not exceed the contracted amount of the supply or the service which gave rise to the claim. The client agrees to renounce any claim by his insurance agent against IHIMER S.p.A. and the company's insurance companies, in conformity with the above-mentioned exclusions and limitations. In any case, IHIMER S.p.A. may not be obliged to repair immaterial or indirect damages, resulting from claims by the client or third parties; for this reason, IHIMER S.p.A. may not be obliged to provide indemnity for loss of business, production, profit or any economic or financial loss.

8. If the client should request a search for the cause of a fault of an IHIMER S.p.A. product to be done at his own premises, the resulting expenses (travel, etc.) will be borne by the client after he has accepted a detailed estimate before the work is done, without any guarantee of any result on the part of IHIMER S.p.A.

9. All expenses for labour, transfers for repairs or replacements at the client's premises will be charged to the purchaser on the basis of fees published by ANIMA.

10. The warranty expires when - (a) the sold products are modified, repaired, disassembled or tampered with by the purchaser, or equipment or other accessories not expressly supplied or authorised by the seller are installed on them; (b) the sold products are not used or installed in conformity with the seller's instructions; (c) unsuitable lubricants and fuels are employed; (d) the repairs under warranty do not interrupt the period of the warranty itself; (e) the electrical connections are not made in conformity with the instructions supplied by IHIMER S.p.A., thus damaging the electrical components.

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