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We work to assist our customers to keep their costs under full control. Indeed there are increasingly more buyers who need to operate by knowing the exact cost of an hour of operation or per tonne.

If all the costs can be included in a single package offered by the same supplier, it becomes easier for the Customer to evaluate and to check them.

KATO IMER, heedful of the growing need of the market for integrated financial solutions and focussed on Customer needs, wants to be your sole partner.

Construction equipment seems all the same, but it's not. People who choose an KATO IMER machine know perfectly well they have made a specific choice, for Sturdiness, Technology, Reliability and Productivity: all distinguishing factors found in a KATO IMER product.

For those who opt for safe and worry-free work on site, KATO IMER FINANCE provides a wide range of customisable financial services, devised to offer a unique, unrepeatable product, just like an KATO IMER machine. All, obviously, with the quality and reliability of the KATO IMER brand.

To work together, to ensure peace of mind and professionalism at all times.

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