Digging and loading operations also near to walls or in confi ned spaces thanks to the frame that turns inside the track gauge. KUBOTA V2403-DI-EDM engine. Bucket digging force 31.0 kN. The slewing speed of 9.3 revolutions/min enables excellent performance at work. Front turning radius: 2320 mm; rear turning radius: 955 mm

Components lay-out unification

Spare parts uniformity and interchangeability

Well balanced design to ensure high performance and stability

Greater safety for the operator

The new cabin is larger

Vibration and noise reduction

Exceptional stability

The "Tough Tracks" rubber shoes are available standard

Reinforced blade

3 PUMPS: high digging power and quick response

Lower maintenance costs

Easy refuelling

The Auto-Idler function is equipped as standard

Switch for energy saving Eco-mode

Low fuel consumption, 17% saving

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